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The MERIT consortium presents its recent progress in engineering Chlamydomonas for phototrophic production of diterpenoids at the 14th International Meeting on the Biosynthesis, Function and Synthetic Biology of Isoprenoids.
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The Team of Bielefeld University has launched their new web tool “Intronserter” for the reliable and standardized design of intron-containing transgenes for robust transgene expression from the algal nuclear genome.
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Olaf Kruse (Bielefeld University) is among the chairs of the 9th conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts, on 17 - 19 June, 2019 in Boulder, CO, USA.
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The MERIT consortium conducted its first general assembly from 20th to 21st March 2019, eight months after the official project start.
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MERIT -an ERA-CoBioTech project leveraging state of the art synthetic biology for microalgal engineering- has been kicked off.
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